Our promise to you

Our promise to you is to provide 100 percent satisfactory or you get your money back. All services include a 30 day money back guarantee! Our company strives to become transparent as possible so as to not leave our customers in the dark as to what's going on. This means no hidden fees or charges for any services,everything is upfront & honest. We will do market research to assure we are offering the lowest price available for the service needed. We promise to provide the best customer service experience you can get This means our friendly agents are trained to help you obtain promotions,flex payments, & provide great service. We like to say that any one who uses our services is not just a customer, but a friend. We love making friends here at Code Red PC Team. If we make any changes we will let you know!

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide affordable PC care for everyone no matter where you are & no matter what your budget is,we want to help make you & the life of your PC easier. Your PC should be easy to work

Important information

Hello & welcome To Code Red PC Team,Thank you for stopping by our blogs today. A quick update on what we are up to! First off I want to announce that we have a completely updated list of social networ

A little about why I opened Code Red PC Team

My interest in computers peeked when I was young, I would watch my family put together computers & was fascinated with them. I one day decided to build my own & enjoyed the out come. As a result I pe

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